Common questions about AV-DR-1401

  • Screen hanging problem?

    Kindly, restart the radio.

  • Screen hanging problem while changing the modes?

    While changing the modes, kindly wait for 3 seconds to allow the screen to let it change into another mode.

  • If signal is not coming properly while tuning in DRM for MW band?

    Do the following: (i) Press the INFO key and see the display with lots of Engineering parameters displayed at the bottom of the scrren. (ii) Now you can see Vol & Gain, and then press UP/DOWN keys to navigate the volume up/down in such a way that the value of gain starts to go down till the point from where the gain again starts increasing. Stop changing GAIN at that point and you may notice that signal becomes right on the track once again.

  • Entering frequency in DRM mode, signal locks but audio output is not constant?

    Adjust the navigation buttons top & down and monitor the values of Volume in the info screen till the point where the GAIN starts increasing and here you will find the best audio output.

If you've got more questions then kindly email us at care@avionelectronics.in and we'll do our best to answer.